The idea for our first handmade soaps was sparked by an interest in using a soap scented with natural bug repelling oils before heading outdoors. Kayaking locally on the Loxahatchee River inspired the name for the company as “Loxahatchee” means “River of Turtles” in the Seminole Indian language.

We had always loved handmade soaps, finding them superior to the typical store bought soaps, and wanted to get creative with them, developing a fun-loving line that would make you laugh, that looked and smelled so intriguing that you wanted to grab a bar and head straight to the shower! You would love that soap so much you’d want to share it with your friends, give it as gifts, or maybe just hoard it all for yourself.

Grab your “Main Squeeze” and lather up”! Be sure to “Check the Girls” while you’re in there (early detection saves lives). Gift “Fairy Farts” to your best friend, and if your dog is your best friend, soap him up with “Hair of the Dog” for a gentle oatmeal bath. Need to chill? Lavender scented “No Worries” is the one for you. Or let the combination of rosemary, lavender and sea salt transport you to “A Day at the Spa”. We’ve got something for the “Trippy Hippy”, the “Grubby Guy”, or maybe something “Tall, Dark & Handsome” is more your style! Who doesn’t need some “Fun Times!”? Now pat yourself on the back for not using soap that comes in a plastic bottle.